Will Pakistan Behave?

These days we are hearing some positive voices from  inside Pakistan regarding India. Imran Khan has also said that dealing with Mumbai attack of 26/11 is in their interest. His interesting comment is that “we should do something about it “. It remains to be seen whether he can do this ‘something’.  Many sane media voices there are also saying that burying the hatchet is in Pakistan’s interest. There is also speculation in Pakistan about revival of Manmohan Singh -Musharraf formula. Bloomberg has written that among those who are in favour of better relations with India is Gen. Bajwa. Should we catch these positive signals from Pakistan? Conceding that better relations are in the interest of both countries much will depend on whether Pakistan is willing to walk the talk. Former Pak ambassador to India Ashraf Jehangir Qazi has written that Pakistan feels that India is not interested in improving relations. This is probably true. The fifth strongest economy has no compulsion to bend or to  compromise. Till Pakistan changes its attitude towards Kashmir and stops fuelling terror inside India, we can wait. What their circumstances have become they will be forced to become a normal civilised country one day.  We just have to be patient.

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