1. Insightful analysis

    It has been rightly mentioned that successive governments in the state of J&k have flirted with ‘ soft terrorism,’

    Separatists like Geelani & Andrabi are de facto Pakistanis operating from the Indian soil?

    Omar Farooq has gone berserk & is attacking the centre & state govts in his vitriolic tweets but he and his party cannot escape their share of blame

    Why did his grandfather, and father, allow Jamaat to flourish and spread it’s wings under their nose/s?
    I& members of my family have witnessed the radicalization in J&K …and for nationalists it is highly heart wrenching
    The duplicitous character of the so called leaders of this stone pelting anarchic movement need to be exposed
    Who have sent their children to cozy save havens but instigate the masses in the name of Jehad
    For instance
    Syed Salaludin’s entire family is employed in J-K govt. …

  2. The decision of the Muslim Personal Law board is regressive, and it is evident that the self styled representatives of Islamic faith in India are caught in the medieval rut and aren’t ready to change and assimilate.

    At a time when there is talk of gender equality all over the world, such a stand shows the chauvinistic mindset who control the religious belief system
    The move of the government is the right one in the right direction, and should be supported overwhelmingly …

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